Blossom Paper Products was established in 1987 as a paper napkin convertor in Singapore with 3 units of napkin machines and pioneered by 12 production professionals in a JTC industrial flatted factory at Boon Keng Road - JTC industrial estate. In response to the ever growing demand for paper products in the hospitality trades and catering industries, in 2003 our Company has decided to embark on an expansion program with our Indonesian counterpart by migrating our production plant over to Jakarta - Indonesia.

Hence, for the first quarter of 2004, we diverted our attention to the transfering our factory's operation to our Tangerrang Jakarta factory - PT Satya Liprindo.
This was indeed a major milestone which signified growth and expansion for our organization.


We came a long way to be in-line with the globalisation era and took a profound move to increase productivity by creating new products line with advanced high-capacity machineries and took the initiative to implement various methodologies to ensure and assure quality in our end products.

This movement enabled us to take a step further to accommodate future uncertainties within the industry and also help take our service to the next level.